My NaNo Experience and What I Can Do For You!

Happy end of NaNo everyone! Congratulations to everyone that gave it a go – winners or not, I’m sure we’ve all gained some new ideas and planted the seeds of some potential literary triumphs!

Snoopy TypingI joined in for the first time this year, but with a slightly different goal. I began writing a non-fiction book over the summer and used the NaNo motivation to finish writing, editing and formatting it. It was more of a LoNonfiWriFo (local non-fiction writing fortnight). I was concerned that this wasn’t entirely in the spirit of the thing, but the lovely people of NaNoWriMo London warmly reassured me that I was welcome. The peer presence and encouragement really helped me to meet my target. Generally, the experience was positive: I felt focused and productive. Also, as an editor and proofreader, I tend to be very exacting about my grammar and word choice: I can tell instantly when something’s not quite right in my own writing. This process encouraged me to let go of that: to write first and edit later; to just get it down on paper (or screen)!

I’ve also edited three books this November. This has meant my brain has been rather caught up in the world of words; my partner now knows that if I start talking about someone, there’s a fair chance that they’re fictional or historical, rather than somebody we actually know. There were also the midnight epiphanies- a notebook and torch by the bed became essential as my mind couldn’t quite switch off. I sat bolt upright one night with a dramatic grammar revelation: ‘That should be “fewer” not “less”!’ Generally, I’m really pleased to have felt part of it and achieved my own writing aims.

If you have taken part and now have a first draft of a manuscript- well done! 

First Draft Offer

That’s a huge achievement and you should be massively proud of yourself. If you’re wondering what to do next, I have a suggestion. Well, first have a drink and a nice lie down, then I’d love you to send it to me so that I do a first draft manuscript review. It can be really difficult to start the editing process yourself, so I will look over it and give you general helpful suggestions about structure, character, plot and consistency. Also, I will make sure to tell you what’s good about it too- I know how much you’ve put into it! This isn’t a full edit or proofread: that’s not what you need for a first draft. This is a fresh pair of (highly trained) eyes, giving you direction and constructive feedback so you have some focus when you look at it again.

I like reading all sorts of books, I have a lot of love and respect for my fellow participants and I’m really curious to find out what NaNo has produced, so I’m very happy to offer this for just £40! Get in touch and we can discuss what I can do for you:

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One response to “My NaNo Experience and What I Can Do For You!

  1. thecynicalking

    Excellent advice! I’m getting close to finished the first in my trilogy as well (around 67000 words at the moment). I’m sure many readers will be happy with your first draft editing!


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