The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

Well of Lost PlotsIn the third instalment of this comical series, Thursday Next needs a rest, so she signs up for a Character Exchange inside the Well of Lost Plots, where unpublished books reside. I was utterly delighted with that premise alone – who hasn’t day-dreamed about living inside a book? Unfortunately, the book Thursday chooses may well be scrapped for parts, her memory is being slowly eroded and a murderer is taking down fellow Jurisfiction agents (the police of the book world).

This is a book for keen readers and writers; the literary in-jokes and puns are a joy. I don’t want to ruin it by sharing too many, but theĀ mispeling vyruses really tickled me, as did the fact that Godot seems incapable of showing up to a meeting on time, leaving everybody waiting. It’s eccentric, smart and chucklesome.

I have yet to read the rest in the series – I started in the middle as I was reliably informed that this is the best. Have you read it or any other Fforde novels? Leave me a comment below.

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