Unconventional Literary Halloween Costumes

Many classic Halloween costumes are inspired by books – Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula – but literature has so much more to offer! I have trawled the Internet and found some rather remarkable Halloween costumes for book lovers.

This guy is fifty shades of creepy. Yet still not creepier than the book he’s dressed as.


Tinted Sunglasses+Cigarette=Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter S Thompson

Be the coolest person in the room – come as a dictionary!

Thinking about a Lord of the Rings costume? Not another Frodo/elf/dwarf, I hope. Go as Barad Dur!
Barad Dur

Click here for a range of books people have turned up as. This is my personal favourite.

Dress up your toddler like Edgar Allan Poe. Their friends are going to be so envious (or oblivious)! The likeness is uncanny.


If you’re thinking of an Alice in Wonderland costume, forgo Alice and the Mad Hatter – go straight for Cheshire Cat and Tree.


Or if you do go for Alice, be trapped inside a house.
In the houseGo meta and go to a fancy dress party as Oscar Wilde at a fancy dress party. Here he is looking magnificent in traditional Greek clothing.

Tired of getting out that same Hogwarts uniform every year? Try being Buckbeak instead.
buckbeak2 Hedwig

I just love this girl’s face. She is very much in character.
Angry CruellaThis woman is Super Librarian. She is my hero.
Super LibrarianWhat do you think of these? Have you worn a book inspired costume? Leave me a comment below!
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5 responses to “Unconventional Literary Halloween Costumes

  1. Cheshire Cat is rather creepy… lol


  2. These are so great! The Cheshire Cat is super creepy though. I’ve never don’t a literary Halloween costume, because I keep saying, “next year I’ll come up with something really good,” and then I go with something easier đŸ˜›


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