Comets! Visitors From Deep Space by David J. Eicher


I have been so excited about reading this. The exclamation mark in the title aptly expresses the enthusiasm with which the book was written and, in my case, read. David Eicher, who has a planet named after him, has written a pacey and  delightful survey of the history and science of comets. It was so deeply fascinating, Comets! is the first book I’ve read in a long time that gave me an irresistible urge to take notes.

With occasional touches of humour, this is an extremely accessible book with a thorough glossary of terms, ideal for a keen beginner. Comets and their key appearances in history are explained in terms of the progress of scientific understanding: from superstition and astrology to accurate astronomical observations. It also clearly establishes where research is now and what is still not known about comets. The magnificent pictures are a real treat. The final section of the book clearly describes how to become a comet hunter, observer and photographer. 

If you have any curiosity about space, read this.

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