The Best of the Web: World Book Day

logoI have been trawling the blogs, clicking on hashtags and generally pottering around the interweb to find some great content to share with you in celebration of World Book Day. In the UK, on the first Thursday in March, every child is given a book voucher, and most go to school dressed as story characters, all to encourage a life long love of books.

Cethan Leahy encapsulates the spirit beautifully in his illustration of grown up Matilda. Leahy says, ‘In honour of World Book Day, I drew a grown up Matilda to demonstrate the happiness and health one accrues from a lifetime of reading. Enjoy!’

Grown Up Matilda by Cethan Leahy

Grown Up Matilda by Cethan Leahy

I also love this video, made by talented animator Jonathan Mckee a few years ago.

There are a plethora of excellent kids dressed up as book characters photos, but the best I’ve seen are professional photographer Abigail Fahey’s  stylish shots of her seven-year-old as The Fantastic Mr Fox.

On World Book Day, funds are raised for Book Aid International which ‘works in partnership with libraries in Africa providing books, resources and training to support an environment in which reading for pleasure, study and lifelong learning can flourish.’ Watch a book’s journey from printing press to readers.

I was also intrigued by the revelation in The Independent that, ‘The average British household contains 138 books, but over half of these have never been read…two-thirds keep books because they are emotionally attached to them, while more than one in four say they hate throwing anything away.’ Firstly, never throw away a book – donate it. Secondly, are they emotionally attached to the books they’ve never read? More research needed. Answers on a postcard please.

Enjoy this fabulous advice from Malorie Blackman on how to structure a story.

Oxford Street Waterstones have been a delight on Twitter all day.


Those are my picks of the best things on the Internet for World Book Day. Do you have anything to add? Please comment below!

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