The Beautiful Art of Book Folding

Do you disapprove of people who fold down the corners of the pages in books? Well so do I, usually, though I’m making an exception for The Folded Book Company. I love their intricate creations. Book folders use patterns, which are adapted to the number of pages in each book, with a specially created ruler to fold down pages to create a 3D design. Unlike papercutting, the pages are only folded so the book remains an intact object; you could still read it if you wanted to. This is my slightly wonky attempt. book folding

There’s a full range of patterns to buy on Etsy. I’m working up to the anatomically correct version of the above. 

They’re a lovely gift for the book lover in your life. Christmas is coming…

What do you think of folded books? What design would you make?


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4 responses to “The Beautiful Art of Book Folding

  1. joeythebuddhist

    That first one is absolutely incredible


  2. This is VERY interesting! I’ve seen these before, obviously, but I’m always torn on how I feel about it. As long as the book stays in tact and it’s not a complete destruction of the book, I think I’m okay with it. Also, it’s great that The Folded Book Company offers templates for you to fold your own book!

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  3. Nothing wonky about that heart! I’ve bought one that looks very like it which I’ve put in a shadow box on my wall. Makes me smile every time I look at it.


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