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This Year’s Best Christmas Presents for Book Lovers

The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful – so I’m doing all my Christmas shopping online! Here’s a selection of lovely things that book lovers might enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

 Get a gorgeous edition of something from the Folio Society. I’m coveting this copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


I also fancy their tote bags, including this based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.


I will let the makers of Personal Library Kits explain their benefits: ‘It is frustrating to lend books and never see them again. With this kit, both you and the borrower will be able to keep tabs on whose it is / who has it. And don’t we all have ‘Shhhh’ fantasies about being the librarian doing the stamping? Give it to: The ‘forgetful’ member of your book club. Includes 20 adhesive pockets and checkout cards, date stamp and inkpad.’ Sold.


Ever wondered what Charles Dickens smelt like? It’s the Charles Dickens diffuser! It is classy and beautiful and belongs in the wood-panelled library I wish I had.


Be Sherlock Holmes! 221b Baker Street is my favourite board game. It’s like Cluedo, but with extra intrigue plot twists.

For the classiest of festive drinks parties, I present the literary coaster set from Bookish.


Well I have always wanted to be able to wear punctuation – and now I can!


What literary delights will you be asking Santa for this Christmas?

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All I Want for Christmas is…The Best Literary-themed Gifts!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The perfect time for giving and receiving reading and writing paraphernalia. Hopefully, you’ll all be buying my proofreading and editing Christmas Vouchers here for the talented writer in your life, but in case there’s still some room in your stockings, here’s my suggested list for Santa.

Brilliant  falling bookend, creating that wonderful sense of trepidation before you’ve even picked up a new thriller.











I Capture the Castle tea towel. Reminding us that sometimes lovelier things than scrubbing broccoli molecules out of a sieve can take place in a kitchen sink.









Hairpins– because everything about you should scream well-read. Even your hairdo. hairpins2__55935.1308856435.420.420









Puns and Shakespeare- these are a few of my favourite things (sung with glee like Julie Andrews). The bard himself would definitely have been proud to wear this if t-shirts had been invented instead of the blouses and bloomers they wore back then. To buy or not to buy- that is the question.

















Next, something seasonal, but not saccharine: a cool but creepy print, inspired by Charles Dickens’ ghost of Christmas yet to come. I could very easily have written a whole post on pictures from Society 6, but I have to restrict the time I spend on that website- it’s a maze of glory that I don’t have the wall space to accommodate.

A christmas carol












Writers, just for a change, bring your stories to life in a different way. Sometimes it’s nice to see something physically – visually – expressed; it’s all great story-telling! Also, Christmas is all about quality animation- The Snowman is a personal highlight. That + Labyrinth= Bowie’s greatest moments. I’m willing to try anything that kids look that happy doing! Four thumbs up! animate








The gift that keeps on giving- a Persephone Books subscription! Who doesn’t love getting post that isn’t bills or circulars? Quality literature through the post every month- what could be better?






Alternatively, *awkward plug warning* you could by my cheap and cheery ebook at Smashwords or Amazon. It’s got pictures and everything!

The Brilliant Women Collection


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