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Free on Amazon: The Origami Dragon and Other Tales and Wish by C.H. Aalberry

It’s no secret that I enjoy the writing of C. H Aalberry. You can read my review of his YA fantasy novel Wish here.  Now is a brilliant time to download Wish or his wonderful book of short stories The Origami Dragon and Other Tales – they are currently absolutely free on Kindle! Origami

WishThe Origami Dragon is really rather special- darker than Wish in some ways, the intelligent mix of compelling characterisation, fantasy and science fiction is original and engaging. From tiny elephants to inter-stellar travel, the collection has surprising twists and charming moments. The author has a gift for intriguing anti-heroes and bringing the dark and fantastical to life. There’s also a clever intertwining intertextuality throughout.

Get yourself some quality, entertaining literature while it’s free! Also,  look out for stunning use of spelling, grammar and punctuation in both. Come for the plot, stay for the syntax!

Read another review of Wish from the estimable Adam P Reviews. His overview is simply excellent!

Read C. H Aalberry’s advice for writers struggling with writer’s block.

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‘Less’ or ‘Fewer’?

Often, ‘less’ is used when ‘fewer’ is meant. This is easily done, particularly as we are often taught that ‘less’ is the opposite of ‘more’. Basically, use ‘fewer’ when talking about a countable number, but ‘less’ when you mean something that doesn’t have a plural or can’t be counted: ‘fewer dancers have less visual impact.’


‘Fewer people are learning the foxtrot at school these days.’

‘The shop sold fewer feather boas than ever before this year.’

‘Fewer than one in ten adults can perform a proper samba.’

‘There are fewer dance numbers in films than there used to be.’



‘I dance to less pop music than I used to.’

‘There’s less talent than there ought to be.’

‘I should spend less time trying to do the lift from Dirty Dancing.’

‘Less’ is only ever used with numbers when they are on their own or used as expressions  of time or measurement: 


‘The tap class lasted less than two hours.’

‘She travelled less than three metres with that leap.’


I hope this will help you make fewer errors in the future!

Please like and share if you’ve found this helpful!

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Wish by C.H Aalberry

WishC. H. Aalberry beautifully conjures magical lands and thrilling encounters in his debut YA fantasy novel, ‘Wish’. Shards of the shattered WishStone have granted unpredictable powers to a cast of lovely and credible characters. Dak the Warrior is a fearsome giant with swirling red tattoos, two sharp axes and an unexpectedly generous nature. He travels with Lae, who is magical, sarcastic and well-read, and their charmingly anthropomorphised scruffy dog. Their adventure to save the world from war and the necromancer and to find the secrets of the WishStone is gripping and heart-warming in equal measure. Every character that they meet is distinct and well-written.

The author is very witty and uses humour cleverly in his characterisation. Dak, for example, speaks simply, for the most part, but occasionally surprises with excellently-timed moments of wisdom. Aventur, a narcissistic shiny-haired time-travelling bard, is given some very funny lines and maxims we can all live by: ‘Fortune favours the brave of heart and clean of hair!’

I don’t often review books that I’ve edited, but I think this one is particularly special. The plot is imaginative and unpredictable, the settings are vividly drawn and the characters feel very genuine. Also, it is very cheap ($0.99) so if you like the sound of it, take a punt! Buy it on Smashwords here or on Amazon Kindle for just £0.77.   

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My NaNo Experience and What I Can Do For You!

Happy end of NaNo everyone! Congratulations to everyone that gave it a go – winners or not, I’m sure we’ve all gained some new ideas and planted the seeds of some potential literary triumphs!

Snoopy TypingI joined in for the first time this year, but with a slightly different goal. I began writing a non-fiction book over the summer and used the NaNo motivation to finish writing, editing and formatting it. It was more of a LoNonfiWriFo (local non-fiction writing fortnight). I was concerned that this wasn’t entirely in the spirit of the thing, but the lovely people of NaNoWriMo London warmly reassured me that I was welcome. The peer presence and encouragement really helped me to meet my target. Generally, the experience was positive: I felt focused and productive. Also, as an editor and proofreader, I tend to be very exacting about my grammar and word choice: I can tell instantly when something’s not quite right in my own writing. This process encouraged me to let go of that: to write first and edit later; to just get it down on paper (or screen)!

I’ve also edited three books this November. This has meant my brain has been rather caught up in the world of words; my partner now knows that if I start talking about someone, there’s a fair chance that they’re fictional or historical, rather than somebody we actually know. There were also the midnight epiphanies- a notebook and torch by the bed became essential as my mind couldn’t quite switch off. I sat bolt upright one night with a dramatic grammar revelation: ‘That should be “fewer” not “less”!’ Generally, I’m really pleased to have felt part of it and achieved my own writing aims.

If you have taken part and now have a first draft of a manuscript- well done! 

First Draft Offer

That’s a huge achievement and you should be massively proud of yourself. If you’re wondering what to do next, I have a suggestion. Well, first have a drink and a nice lie down, then I’d love you to send it to me so that I do a first draft manuscript review. It can be really difficult to start the editing process yourself, so I will look over it and give you general helpful suggestions about structure, character, plot and consistency. Also, I will make sure to tell you what’s good about it too- I know how much you’ve put into it! This isn’t a full edit or proofread: that’s not what you need for a first draft. This is a fresh pair of (highly trained) eyes, giving you direction and constructive feedback so you have some focus when you look at it again.

I like reading all sorts of books, I have a lot of love and respect for my fellow participants and I’m really curious to find out what NaNo has produced, so I’m very happy to offer this for just £40! Get in touch and we can discuss what I can do for you: eveproofreads@gmail.com.

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