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Podcasts: New Recommendations

After I did my last post on podcasts, a few people very kindly recommended some new ones to try. Here’s what I made of them!

Psychomedia:  Hosts Timothy Swann and Ben Fell have a fantastic rapport in this very funny show about psychological research. Puns are my favourite things and they implement them beautifully in illuminating a brilliant range of fascinating topics. Particularly, there is a Greek philosopher pun run in episode 49 that is sensational. The psychology is well researched and clearly explained: you don’t need to have any particular knowledge of the subject to enjoy it- just an interest. The only thing I wasn’t keen on is the length: anything over an hour is a bit much for me; I’d prefer it more closely edited. However, I reckon that’s more a problem with my attention span and how busy I am than their format! I’d definitely recommend listening to this.

Skeptics with a K: This is the podcast of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. I’m really keen on folk science and they do a fantastic job of busting myths with proper scientific method and research. From psychics to sports bracelets, they explore the accuracy and efficacy of claims from a critical perspective. The presenters are really personable and the tone is light-hearted and amicable. It’s hugely informative and fun to listen to. It’s become an instant favourite with everyone in this household.

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase: This podcast is absolutely charming. Cabin crew member, Betty, introduces amusing anecdotes about working in aviation. Coming from a family with many pilots, I do enjoy a plane-based yarn, though I think perhaps this podcast holds less surprises for me than it would for someone less acquainted with the flying world. Still, Betty is delightful, understandably popular and clearly has a great affinity with her audience. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their recommendations! Do you have a favourite to share? Please tell me in the comments.


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